Why Aisha Tyler Just Achieved Boss-Lady Status

Aisha Tyler is one of the busiest people in Hollywood. My earliest memory of her was as the host of The 5th Wheel, part of the block of unintentionally comedic reality dating shows that used to air in the early aughts. The show itself was pretty terrible — although it did have the amazing slogan "where strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers become bitter, suicidal exes all on the same show" — but it was obvious from Tyler's dry, wry narration of unfortunate dates that she was a comedian poised to break out.
That's pretty much what happened. Although she'd been on the comedy circuit for years and briefly hosted E!'s Talk Soup, Tyler's career truly exploded after she guest-starred on Friends. She played Charlie Wheeler, a paleontologist being pursued by both Ross and Joey, who was also one of the notoriously whitewashed sitcom's first recurring African-American characters.
Tyler has never been afraid to venture into new spaces or forge a path where one didn't exist before. She's presently a master of many, many mediums. First, there's her work in television, which includes cohosting The Talk, hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and perhaps her most well-known role of all: voicing international superspy and all-around badass Lana Kane on FX's Archer, which concludes its sixth season tonight.
In addition to her TV hosting and acting gigs, Tyler is the host of a weekly podcast, Girl on Guy. She's also written two books, both cuttingly honest personal narratives. During our conversation, she also mentioned that she recently directed a short film and has a line of cocktails coming out called Courage + Stone.
The reason I'm going HAM on Aisha Tyler’s résumé right now is because conversing with go-getters of her nature can be intimidating. When you talk to Tyler, though, her energy, enthusiasm, and vigor travel directly through the phone line, like a live wire sparking your own hidden creativity and desire. Maybe I want to try podcasting, you think. Could I make my own beer? Sure, it feels very doable right now.

If Aisha wants something, she goes after it, and you're left with that same mentality. Please continue on for a discussion with a true superwoman.      

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