So, Now You Can Contour Your Face With Your Hair?

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Did you think the whole contouring obsession couldn't get anymore, well, obsessive? Friends, you ain't seen nothing yet. According to The Gloss, you can now contour your face with your hair. That's right — you can style your mane, via highlights, to make your face look more chiseled and defined. This “new” process was created by the Charles Worthington art-team director Mark Trinder and is offered at Charles Worthington salons in the U.K. 

But, how is this technique — which claims to get Kardashian-esque effects without makeup — any different from the face-framing highlights people have been getting for ages? Other than the fact that it's being dubbed "contouring," that is. The Gloss chatted with Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon to get the scoop. "[Hair-contouring] is a technique used to sculpt the head and hair shape of the desired look. The 'sculpting' is done with hair color, as opposed to brushes and makeup," he says. Seems as though this process shifts the focus from choosing the right haircut for your face shape to choosing the right shade for your face shape.

You can read the entire interview on The Gloss, but here's a spoiler: They’re just highlights. Colorists have been using hair color to create more dynamic styles and flatter different faces for a long time. That's exactly why balayage was invented. Sure, we can call it contouring, but that word tends to point to drastic shape-altering. Highlighting is altering, sure, but claiming that it will dramatically change the shape of your face is kind of silly. Only a pair of scissors can do that. (The Gloss)

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