This Could Be Our Next President?

Photo: REX USA.
The 2016 presidential election is about to get 100% more demon sheep.

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard whose 2010 Senate campaign featured the most terrifying animal costumes of any political ad in history, said Sunday that there is a "higher than 90%" chance she'll run for President.

When the California businesswoman challenged Senator Barbara Boxer, her campaign put out an infamous ad featuring a man in a sheep costume with glowing red eyes who crept through a field. The ad went viral, but Fiorina lost the election by more than a million votes.
(Demon sheep start at 2:20)
On Sunday, Fiorina also wasted no time attacking Hillary Clinton, suggesting that the former Secretary of State isn't trustworthy. Clinton's response to the recent controversy over the private email server she set up for State Department business "suggests her character is flawed," Fiorina said on Fox News Sunday.

Fiorina, who suggested she was leaning towards a run for the White House in February, said she will make an official announcement in April or May. She would be the first woman to jump into the fight for the Republican nomination; more than half a dozen would-be candidates are already setting up shop in Iowa, but Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is the only one who has officially entered the race.

Clinton, who is still the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination, is also expected to announce her 2016 campaign in April.

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