Your Weekly Horoscope, Revealed!

Eclipse season is in full swing, stargazers, and changes are happening at warp speed. Eclipses reveal shadows and speed up meant-to-be manifestations, which can be rather jarring at times. If your jaw hasn’t hit the ground at least once since the solar eclipse on March 20, you’re probably not breathing. Hidden desires, information, and opportunities have been exposed left and right.
This week’s excitable energy is all building up to Saturday, when the Libra lunar eclipse sounds the call for peace, love, and harmony. As Libra governs relationships, our most dynamic duos will be thrust under the cosmic microscope. Is it gonna be forever, or will it go down in flames? Figuring it out could take some serious negotiation. Can we find that elusive middle ground, or is it better to just cut our losses?  This won’t necessarily be an easy process, as the full moon gets tangled up in a three-way tug-of-war with domineering Pluto and rebellious Uranus. Dialogues may be rife with power struggles, bratty behavior, and general mayhem. Stay focused on the big picture and bringing back the love (Libra’s domain). The people that are meant to stick around will still be standing when the smoke clears.    

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