New Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation Trailer Features Abs & Stunts For Days

Do you like seeing shirtless men? Shirtless women? Insane stunts? Sight gags? Tom Cruise being weirdly enthusiastic during press tours? The first trailer for Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation has four of these things, and we are gleefully anticipating the fifth before the movie's July 30 release.

The trailer, released Monday, begins with some ominous voice-over from Alec Baldwin about dissolving the Impossible Mission Force because of their tendency toward ungovernable chaos. It looks like Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is on the wrong side of the law as he tries to take down another secret organization called the Syndicate. (All of these organizations could really use some help in giving themselves more exciting names, no?)

Helping him do this is a very beautiful woman named Ilsa, who can emerge from a swimming pool like a Bond girl, but also snap the necks of her enemies with her thighs. The comic element is courtesy of Simon Pegg, reprising his role as Benji from Ghost Protocol. Jeremy Renner's William Brandt and Ving Rhames' Luther Stickell are back too, for what Brandt says may be their "last mission." Ha. That all depends on whether the audience really minds that Cruise is showing just a tiny bit of his 52 years these days. Not much, mind you, but you can see he's definitely no vampire.
There's good news if you really don't remember anything that happened in the last movie other than Cruise climbing that really tall building: The clever folks at Paramount are offering free HD downloads of any previous M:I movie to fans who purchase advance tickets for the new one at or Fandango from Tuesday (March 24) to Friday (March 27).      

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