Curvy Brunettes Sell More Lingerie, According To Science

Attention shoppers: The results are in and it turns out that when women browse bras and underwear online, they’re more likely to buy items modeled by curvy brunettes than thinner-bodied blondes, according to data from New York-based lingerie site The company culled this data from consumer responses to its first national TV spot earlier this year. It ran three separate spots—one featuring blonde models, one featuring brunette models, and a third featuring a single plus-size brunette—and then monitored traffic and sales on the site. What they discovered is significant: Despite the fact that the commercial featuring the “real”-bodied brunette model cost a tenth of what the other ads did to produce, the 30-second spot quadrupled online sales when compared to the ads featuring blondes—and not just plus size buyers. What’s more: The ad that performed best overall featured multiple brunette models—none of whom had been photoshopped. "Brunettes overall sell better than blondes," Adore Me founder Morgan Hermand-Waiche told CNN. “Our customers—and women in general—prefer brunettes when it comes to purchasing lingerie. It's what we've seen.” So there you have it. When women have a choice to buy intimates modeled on bodies that look more like their own, they take it. We didn't really need science to tell us that, but it's always nice to have backup. 

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