Finally, A Consensus On The Right Way To Hang Toilet Paper

Alas, one of mankind's greatest debates has been resolved. According to an article in The New Daily, a writer named Owen Williams recently unearthed a century-old patent that demonstrates the correct way to hang your toilet paper, answering the question of whether it should roll over or under. If you are an advocate for rolling your tissue over, rejoice:
The diagram came from an 1891 patent filing submitted by Seth Wheeler, owner of the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company. According to the document, the businessman pioneered the perforated incisions that allow for easier tearing between the sheets. In other words, this man is the father of modern toilet paper, and he should be celebrated for his contributions to society and lavatories everywhere. Yet, while this discovery would seem to settle the over/under toilet paper debate once and for all, apparently some people are unconvinced. One commenter on the Huffington Post points out that this method does not work well for cat owners. Other proponents of rolling under simply flat-out refuse to accept that they're doing it wrong. Hey, it's your house, your rules — but we know which way we'll be rolling our TP from now on.

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