Peter Dinklage Summed Up Game Of Thrones In 30 Seconds & It’s So Wrong, It’s Right

Game of Thrones is
so freaking complicated that it has its own app to help readers keep track of
who's who, so it’s no surprise that the show’s stars had some trouble summing
it all up in less than 30 seconds. Entertainment
asked Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Peter
Dinklage to give viewers a brief synopsis, and while they’re all quite clever,
Dinklage won the day. We already knew it’s full of death and
boobs and dragons — we’re not, like, Jon
Snow, for the love of Westeros — but we had no idea there was a whole
subplot we’d missed.

According to Dinklage, “Tyrion is a chemistry teacher at a
high school. He finds this guy Jesse Pinkman, and they get a Winnebago, and
then they get involved with some fried chicken place…” and the rest is history.
A history full of cranky men killing each other and occasionally throwing
that is. Then again, isn't Dinklage a scientist in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Someone call Marvel to see about dropping Breaking Bad into the MCU. Why not?

So, in addition to his amazing high school mullet, his
prodigious hula hooping rave skills, and his impressive career, Dinklage is quippy
as hell. Ugh, if GRRM kills off Tyrion and deprives us of more Dinklage/GoT goodness, we’ll have to let loose
the dragons. (Entertainment Weekly)


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