People With This Phobia Are Horrified By The Apple Watch

Image: Courtesy of Apple.
See that? Yep, that's the face of our new overlord, the Apple Watch. Sure, maybe it'll turn out to be totally overblown — many people think it will. But, there's one unexpected reason to hate the thing: It's triggering a very specific phobia, reports The Daily Dot. That phobia is called trypophobia and it refers to a fear of (or just feeling a weirdness induced by) tiny holes in close proximity. Some believe it's linked to an innate disgust at skin illnesses like rashes (an aversion that may have been beneficial in our evolutionary past). And, if you feel grossed out when you glance at the Apple Watch's display of little, circular app "holes," trypophobia may be to blame. Some people were so weirded out by the display that they took to Twitter to complain. But, this isn't the first time this has happened; Apple's iPhone 5c cases prompted similar outcry. Still, there are worse things than an Apple Watch with tiny circles — that Apple Watch with the lime-green band, for example. To learn a little more about trypophobia, check out the SciShow video below. 

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