This Beer Map Shows The Favorite Brew In Every Country

This Bud's for you — but what about Saoirse and Sven, or Sabella and Shanaz? We Yanks may like "the perfect beer," but that's not true of the rest of the world. It's why you'll be drinking Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, Corona on Cinco de Mayo, and Kingfisher during your next four-alarm-fire curry feast. It's why everyone gave you a dirty look when you ordered Coors on your trip to Greece (where everyone else is drinking Mythos). It's why you need Vine Pair's super-handy beer world map.
A fascinating find for beer guzzlers and jet-setters alike, the map pulls together market research and corporate filings to pinpoint the most popular brew in each country. Kenya likes Tusker, Brazil goes for Skol, China can't get enough of Snow, and, should you ever find yourself in Bulgaria, you best be ordering a round of Kamenitzas.  The map has a few surprises. Despite commercials to the contrary, it's Victoria Bitter, not Foster's, that Australians drink most. Hong Kong citizens have a taste for San Miguel. Iran favors a non-alcoholic beer. Lastly, despite all of the flavorful ales at our disposal, the U.S. and Canada can't do any better than Budweiser and Bud Light.  Anyway, cheers! Or, salut. Or, whatever it is you say when raising a glass of Red Horse Beer.  OPENER IMAGE: PHOTOGRAPHED BY ALICE GAO.

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