Was Hillary Clinton Photoshopped To Look Crankier?

Photo: Everett Collection/REX USA.
Yesterday, Bloomberg Politics decided to photoshop Hillary Clinton’s head onto a different photo of her body — for no clear reason. The image appeared on a tweet promoting the publication's coverage of Clinton's "emailgate" press conference. 
Some wise folks on Twitter noticed pretty fast. Clinton's face is easily recognizable from the a photo on her website, but her shoulders don’t match the size of her head. Plus, the graphic designer lobbed off a couple inches of HRC's hair, putting her firmly back in bob territory (come on now, the world knows she’s growing it out). The baffling part is still the why?
Many on Twitter are alleging that Bloomberg was trying to make Clinton look crankier or more upset, perhaps to match the defensive stance she was expected to take (and, indeed, took) in her presser. But, that doesn't make a ton of sense, since HRC is one of the most photographed humans on earth; there are plenty of pics out there of her happy, sad, texting...you name it. We wrote to Bloomberg Politics to ask what's up. So far, there's no word, but we'll update. The Bloomberg folks did, however, tweet a sort of half-apology, saying they should have "taken the time to find the original image." It's good they took responsibility, but the explanation still sounds a little off — since it's hard to imagine photoshopping would have been quicker than grabbing the correct image. 

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