Watch A 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Dance In Hammer Pants

Photo: REX USA.
On Friday, Jane Chupick, a producer for Dragon's Den, tweeted at Ryan Gosling.  "We've been reminiscing about my cuz's dancing at Elite...And about your penchant for MC Hammer pants," she wrote. Excuse me, what? Chupick wasn't kidding. The tweet came with links to two videos of a 12-year-old Gosling straight up workin' it in a pair of Hammer pants. He appears to be the only boy in the dance troop of his youth. And, thank goodness for that, because it made for a pretty perfect ensemble that basically predicted his entire adult life. Watch as Gosling moves and every girl on stage just follows him.  It's like watching Gaston traipsing around Little Town with his girl groupies in his wake. They cannot help themselves, because even though he's definitely doing the funky chicken in one of them, it's still Ryan fucking Gosling.  The actor even made a rare Twitter appearance to respond to Chupnick. "Obviously I peaked early," he wrote in an entirely false statement. "Thank you @JaneChupnick and Twitter for the check up from the neck up." Please watch the two videos below, as they are important historical documents that should probably be on loop in the Smithsonian.

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