5 Things To Feel Good About On International Women’s Day

What would International Women's Day be without a little party that renews your faith in humanity? Maybe a fist pump or two! The whole concept of #IWD is to celebrate! So, celebrate we will: here are five things (people, and ideas) to feel good about on this International Women's Day, and every day.  A Female Physician Prevented An Ebola Epidemic
Back in July, Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, a Nigeria-based physician, noticed symptoms of ebola in one of her patients and immediately had him quarantined, despite protests from her peers who insisted he was merely sick. The patient was later diagnosed with ebola and died shortly thereafter—a fate that, sadly, Dr. Adadevoh shared with her patient a few weeks later—but her actions prompted medical professionals worldwide to become more attuned to the signs and symptoms of ebola, and is credited with stopping Nigeria's ebola outbreak into a full-blown epidemic.  Malala Yousafzi Winning The Nobel Peace Prize
Mo'Ne Davis Playing Better Than The Boys
Throwing like a girl isn't anything to joke about (ever), but especially not when it comes to a pitcher like Davis, who at 13 throws at 70 mph and was the first Little Leaguer to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Girls like her, who no longer see limits, give us hope for the future. Companies Now Offering Egg Freezing As A Benefit
Egg freezing, IVF and other forms of fertility treatment have always been a thing—or at least discussed on the hush, since, unfortunately, it's still a topic that shrouds some women in shame. This year, companies like Apple and Facebook took steps to shatter that line of thinking—and incentivize their female employees—by offering egg freezing options in their benefits' packages, a procedure that normally costs upwards of $10,000. Get on board, other employers! FEMINISM Front And Center
Some of the biggest stars in the world came out for feminism in the past few years, including Taylor Swift and, um...

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