Turns Out, Fat Shaming Isn’t Gender Exclusive

If you've ever been teased
about your appearance, then you can relate to the latest heartwarming
Twitter campaign. Mashable reports that an anonymous user on 4chan (an anything-goes online message board) posted photos of a man with this caption: "Spotted this
specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us

As the fat-shaming photos went viral, the Internet rallied in support of the unidentified man. But, one person took it even further.

Fairbanks, a writer for The Free Thought Project, took charge. She created a grassroots campaign to throw an epic dance
party for him in L.A. But, first, she had to find him.

Using the hashtag #finddancingman, Fairbanks tracked him down and got him to post a photo of himself on Twitter. And, the party? She's already raised over $14,000 to make it a reality. Moby has even offered to DJ it for free. "Everyone should be free to
dance without bullying," she writes. We're inclined to agree. How's that for restoring your faith in humanity?

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