You're Getting Different Girl Scout Cookies Than Other People

Photo: Courtesy of LA Times.
I consider myself an expert on Girl Scout Cookies, as I have been enjoying them for almost 30 years. But, yesterday the LA Times shattered my illusions of confectionary grandeur with the release of this interactive map and video. It turns out that for six of their cookie flavors, there are two versions of each that come from different bakeries — with different recipes — and your location and local Girl Scout troupe determine which kind you get. Immediately, my mind flipped into FOMO mode, thinking, OMG — are the other cookies even BETTER? Have I been missing out my whole life?!

You can plug your address or city into the infographic to see which flavors you're getting and what you're missing out on. Thin Mint cookies were one of my first food loves as a kid (I don’t think I am alone here). Now, it seems I can relive my joyful first discovery of Thin Mints by taking a short trip to Philly to get my hands on the alternate version available there. The same is true of the delicious coconut cookies, Samoas: Their “twin” cookie is “more cookie than caramel,” and even has a completely different name: Caramel deLite! Okay, now I know I'm missing out.

This revelation totally distracted me from work and took over my entire morning, as I scoured the map for where to get my hands on different versions of my favorite cookies. Does anyone else feel equally excited and left out? Being sure to try every different flavor variation of Girl Scout Cookies has now officially been added to my bucket list. (LA Times)

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