Solve All Your House Problems In Mere Minutes

Photo: Courtesy of Fountain.
Siri is our best pal when we need quick answers to questions like "Where is the nearest ATM?" But, when it comes to issues like that weird leak behind your fridge, or how high you should hang that piece of statement art, she's usually not on her A-game. With all due respect to Siri (and Google), sometimes, you just need to talk to a real expert — but may not want the hassle or expense of scheduling an actual house call with a plumber or interior designer. You just need a tidbit of wisdom. 

Enter Fountain, an app that puts your home or garden question out to about 20 experts, and then connects you to the best match in a few minutes. Back in December, we tested the video-call-consultation function and were impressed with the range and responsiveness of available experts across the U.S. The picture-messaging service was helpful, giving the handyman a detailed look at the situation. We're imagining this app can be especially useful for all those times when your landlord won't call you back.

For $7, you get 15 minutes with an expert, and you can look back on the information and conversation for reference later on. So, when we buy that cactus and lose the tag that says how often to water it (inevitable), we can get a fast answer, and save ourselves from having to look it up on the Internet every month. 

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