An Astrological Look At James Van Der Beek & Freddie Prinze Jr.

By some divine intervention, two '90s icons were born on the same day — albeit one year apart. March 8 marks the birthday of both James Van Der Beek and Freddie Prinze Jr. Each played his own pivotal role in our lives, giving us some of the greatest pop culture moments of the decade. Dawson's cry face. The final dance in She's All That. You're probably having a physical and emotional reaction to just the mention of those things. 
Even though both actors embody what we love (and miss) about the '90s and were born on the same day, they're completely different people. So, in honor of their shared birthday, we asked The Astro Twins to tell us a little bit about each guy. "Both have a sun sign in soulful, sensitive Pisces," the Astro Twins told us. "But, because they were born in different years, the rest of their planets line up in different signs, coloring their personalities."
Ahead, an analysis from the Astro Twins, and how each actor is living up to their astrological tendencies. It couldn't get more '90s if we put a Skip-It on it.

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