Marina & The Diamonds Break Free In New Song "Forget"

Whether intentional or not, Marina Diamandis' work under Marina and the Diamonds has always danced with the theme of chasing success. From the opening lines of "Are You Satisfied," the first song off her 2010 debut album The Family Jewels ("I was pulling out my hair / The day I cut the deal") to "Oh No," where she blatantly sings "I'm only after success," her strive for "the best" has been rooted in the American Dream archetype. (Electra Heart, the her second album from 2012, was a sort of culmination of all that.)

However, with about a month left before she releases her third album, Froot, it's clear that dream has been wiped away — like the fake heart she continually painted on her cheek. Her latest preview, the song "Forget," proves it.

Musically, "Forget" is an upbeat toe-tapper with shimmering synths sprinkled throughout. Lyrically, however, it's deeply introspective; this is her new manifesto. "I've put my money where my mouth is for the first time in my life," she declares. "I've made mistakes but I believe that everything was worth the fight." Success, now, isn't prima donna gains, lovers, or material things. It's living your truth — something Diamandis might not have totally grasped yet (see: "I'm A Ruin"), but something she's ready to pursue now that she's put the past behind.

Froot comes out April 6. (Nylon)


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