Taco Bell Is Experimenting With Deep-Fried Cap'n Crunch Doughnuts

Photo: Via @TacoBell.
Boy, fast food chains are really upping the dessert ante these days. We're still reeling from the news of KFC's edible Scoffee Cup, and now Taco Bell is hitting us with yet another major product announcement. Foodbeast reports that the quick-service chain is launching Cap'n Crunch Delights — a deep-fried version of one of America's top-selling breakfast cereals.

Currently available at the franchise's Bakersfield, California, locations, the treat consists of a dollop of creamy icing encapsulated by a layer of fried dough and dusted with Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries sprinkles. In other words, they are mini doughnuts with a breakfast twist. These colorful tots will be sold for $1 a pair and $4.49 per dozen.

If the indulgent creation is getting you all hyped up, you're not alone: The Twitter hashtag #CapnCrunchDelights has been trending in the U.S. since the product's social media debut this afternoon. Judging from the fervent response, we suspect a nationwide rollout is nigh. But, before that happens, we're gonna bite into our spoonful of Crunch Berries.

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