Are These Leaked Pics Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Real?

Photo: Courtesy of Business Insider.
When it comes to phone preference, most people fall into one of two categories: iPhone or Samsung. And, while Apple fanatics are still glowing from last fall’s launch, Samsung enthusiasts are patiently awaiting the next big reveal.  

As the March 1 date for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 debut gets closer, it seems a few leaked photos have trickled out on the web. According to Business Insider, photos posted in online developers' forum Cult Of Mac showed low-res snaps of what could very well be the Samsung Galaxy S6.

They haven’t been verified as authentic, but definitely look real, and are more than likely of an early prototype, as it reads "not for sale" on the back of the package. The snaps show a glass back (which is definitely a departure from the current plastic casing), no SD card slot, and no round, rolling screen edges.

However, in the same thread, another user posted an image of what appears to be an iteration with rolling screen edges and one without, side by side, indicating this could be the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6.

So, yes, chances are there will be two versions of the new phone — one with the extended screen, the other without. This wouldn’t be a first for the company, as it has released two versions of models, Samsung Note Edge and Samsung Note, before. Check out the pics here, and be sure to mark your cals for the big debut on March 1. 

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