Taylor Swift Is The New Queen Of Celebrity Photobombs

When Jennifer Lawrence was Jennifer Lawrence'ing all over the world, she busted out a near-perfect photobomb. It happened in May 2013 at the Met Ball. Her victim? Sarah Jessica Parker. It was flawless — a true blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. It was what a photobomb should be.

Well, JLawr's been relatively tame for a minute, which has made room for a new star to take the crown. Enter, Taylor Swift: the Spotify-ditching, newly-crowned Queen of the Photobomb. She dropped one on some unsuspecting awards show goers during this past Wednesday's Brit Awards. There's no GIF of it happening, but her execution —with the tongue out, blah expression — is spontaneous and fleeting. She probably resumed to talking with Ellie Goulding seconds after this group selfie was snapped like nothing ever happened. Or, perhaps she saw these two raising a phone a little bit higher than what's expected, saw what they were trying to do, and, like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, delivered the goods.

Bravo to your bravado, Taylor. Bravo.

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