Go-Go Netflix! Inspector Gadget Is Getting A Remake

In a move that will have your young '80s self jumping for joy, Netflix has picked up rights to the beloved cartoon Inspector Gadget.  Cue up Gadget's original theme song and let that wave of nostalgia commence. Recall afternoons spent humming "Go-Go-Gadget!" and watching your favorite private eye get fancy with his Top Secret Gadgetphone. Remember those days? When you thought Hot Pockets were gourmet and that study-room TV was a cool shade of analog?  That they-don't-make-'em-like-they-used-to mentality was top of mind for Erik Barmack, VP of global independent content at Netflix. The cartoon's revamp, while promising a 3D animated look and new plot lines, is intended to capture both the young and old. "We think that kids are going to love the show...but it's also going to get some co-viewing because there is a generation of parents who grew up on the original," he told USA Today.  The reboot has already caught airtime in Europe, but come March, the streaming site will premiere all 26 episodes exclusively to its U.S. subscribers, with more children's programming to come: remakes of Danger Mouse, The Magic School Bus, Care Bears, and Popples are all on deck, so parents and kids alike can know the joy of binge-watching.  In light of this recent news: Thank Underwood House of Cards' third season premieres in two days — we're going to need a head start. (USA Today

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