Kristen Wiig Wins Big In This Trailer For Welcome To Me

Photo: Courtesy of Alchemy.

Kristen Wiig is most famous for her super weird characters on Saturday Night Live and in movies like MacGruber, but the indie projects she picks are more on the serious side. Wiig's latest is the Toronto Film Festival fave Welcome to Me, a dark comedy about a woman who has some questionable ideas about how to spend her lottery winnings.

Alice Klieg (Wiig) wants to be Oprah. Well, really, who doesn't? More specifically, Alice wants to have her own talk show, but the catch is that it's all about her. At first, it just seems like Alice is your garden-variety kooky heroine, but we get the feeling from the trailer that things quickly take a turn. The first hint is that Alice's shrink, played by Tim Robbins, mentions she's stopped taking her meds and is living in a casino with all her cash. 

As per the movie's description, Alice has Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a controversial diagnosis. It seems not even the DSM can quite agree what constitutes BPD, or how to treat it, so it will be interesting to see how it's portrayed in Welcome to Me. However, Wiig shined in The Skeleton Twins, a bittersweet film about a pair of twins (Wiig and Bill Hader) whose family has a history of mental health issues, and the reviews of Welcome to Me have been quite positive.

This video gives us a little taste of what Welcome to Me has in store, and although trailers can be misleading, this feels like it has a good balance of absurdity and existential dread. Plus, how excited are we to see Joan Cusack?! James Marsden, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Wes Bentley also appear in the movie, which is directed by Shira Piven. 

Welcome to Me comes out on May 1. [Women and Hollywood]

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