Blake Lively Is Forever 29 In New Movie

Time changes everything. Well, unless you're Blake Lively. A "magical" accident has preserved her at the tender age of 29 in her new movie The Age of Adaline. Yes, Lively's acting again.

A new trailer for the film was released today that features a lot of brooding. In today's age-fearing culture, Adaline's ageless life would appear to be a dream. However, she seems pretty down and out about it. It's more of a #cursed life than a #blessed one. It's kind of like that other movie where Brad Pitt gets younger as he gets older without the whole getting younger thing. She's just perpetually 29 —unless love sets her free, which — spoiler alert — is a hell of a lot more than Benjamin Button could say for himself. 

The Age of Adaline opens April 24.

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