The Most Romantic Kissing Scenes Of All Time

Peck. Smooch. Snog. Pash. Call it what you want, but not all kisses were created equal. Some are steamy, some are sloppy, some leave you cold, and others have you fanning yourself off from all the hotness. And, those are just the ones from the movies.
On this, International Kissing Day, we thought we'd celebrate the cinematic smooches that have schooled us mere mortals on our mouthplay. Clearly, it's not all about having fresh breath, soft lips, and the right amount of pressure. As you'll see from this slideshow, it also helps to have a romantic soundtrack, some poetic pre-kiss dialogue, and maybe a dramatic downpour or wind machine. Can you get a stunt double while you're at it?
Anyway, enjoy the iconic movie kisses included within. No judgment if you need to grab a pillow and practice some of these moves before your big date on Saturday night.
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Call Me By Your Name, 2017

Yes, he should have eaten the peach. But who can hold a grudge when you've got kisses like this one?
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Moonstruck, 1987

Despite being engaged to his stuffy older brother, Loretta (Cher) can't resist the brooding, passionate Ronny (Nicolas Cage). Nor should she. They're perfect for each other.
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Ghost, 1990

Are kisses sweeter when they're mixed with our salty tears?
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Brokeback Mountain, 2004

Reunion kisses have never been hotter — or more forbidden.
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Never Been Kissed, 1999

This may have been the MOST anticipated first kiss, ever. Add a Beach Boys track and prepare to get a few butterflies of your own.
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The Notebook, 2004

Nothing like a rainstorm to get those hormones going.
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Amélie, 2001

Proof that sometimes the best kisses don't happen on the lips.
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Velvet Goldmine, 1998

Glam rock's hottest man-on-man kiss.
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Atonement, 2007

James McAvoy is pretty good at this kissing stuff, right?
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Reality Bites, 1994

It took them a while to get it right, but Troy and Lelaina eventually made sweet '90s slacker magic.
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The Color Purple, 1985

This is how you get some sugar from Shug.
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Brokeback Mountain, 2005

One day we are going to come home from a long trip and someone will kiss us this passionately.
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The Last of the Mohicans, 1992

Daniel Day-Lewis for the win.
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Cruel Intentions, 1999

Making-out at a subway stop never looked so good.
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Becoming Jane, 2007

Extra points for letting Jane Austen make the first move.
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Clueless, 1995

So cute we're willing to overlook the whole step-sibling thing.
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Cinema Paradiso, 1988

The best kissing scene montage of all time. Italians really do do it better.
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Lady and the Tramp, 1955

If only eating spaghetti were this sexy in real life.
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Legends of the Fall, 1994

We will never, ever get over Tristan and his long mane.
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Benny & Joon, 1993

Peak Johnny Depp adorableness.
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Spider-Man, 2002

One of those movie kisses that is probably not nearly as sexy (or easy) to pull off IRL.
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To Catch a Thief, 1955

We're thinking Hitchcock was trying to tell us something with those fireworks.
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Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

Seriously, rain is so sexy.
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Roman Holiday, 1953

What better way to cap off the best 24-hour date in history?
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Love Actually, 2003

We're suckers for a precious, completely improbable proposal.
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Coming to America, 1988

Akeem's look of surprise is so enjoyable that you can forgive the fact that he's marrying a girl he's really only gone out with a couple of times.
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Dirty Dancing, 1987

Dancing as foreplay = the oldest trick in the book.
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Little Women, 1994

Poor Laurie. Jo doesn't deserve you.
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Casablanca, 1942

The scene that makes your mom weep every single time.
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Closer, 2004

Oh, but wait, he's got a girlfriend.
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Sixteen Candles, 1984

Always wondered where that cake came from, didn't you?
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Made of Honor, 2008

The perks of having McDreamy as a best friend.

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