This Profession Will Get You The Most Dates

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
It's the most couples-centric time of year, so we thought we'd focus on the non-partnered among us. More specifically, this one's for all you gainfully employed singles out there. The Grade, a Tinder-esque dating app (with more substance), has recently compiled data on how people's occupations influence their choice of partner and, subsequently, their luck in love. For any firefighters reading this, be aware of something that's probably obvious: Your career has one of the highest "Like" rates overall. Yup, just about everyone wants a piece of you. Calculated from over 450,000 "Likes" and "Skips" from their users, The Grade's data brought a few surprising findings to light. For example, a computer programmer is most likely to match with someone working as a babysitter or nanny and least likely to connect with a student (odd, since we know a few lovely people who are all of those things at once). Also, Grey's Anatomy might not have been so off-base with its countless steamy on-call scenes, as doctors match best with other doctors (and nurses). Retail was another highly-rated occupation; everyone from entrepreneurs to police officers to lawyers matched most frequently with people in this industry. Meanwhile, one of the least likely matches seen on the app was between accountants and salespeople, with the implication that the stereotypes associated with those two professions might have some validity — the outgoing salesperson probably won't click with the (supposedly) introverted accountant. Of course, chemistry, rather than a resumé, should determine whom you ask out this Saturday. Unless, that is, you want to find out for yourself why firefighters have such a good reputation. We certainly won't stop you.

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