Christian Wants Ana’s Pancakes In New Fifty Shades Clip

At this point, you're probably asking, "Do I really need to see Fifty Shades of Grey? I feel like I've seen almost the entire movie between all of the trailers and various clips that've been released." It's a valid question, but allow us to raise you this brand-new snippet of Christian-Ana interaction. It's one we haven't actually seen before. Surprise! What a joyous Friday gift for us all. In the clip, Ana is whipping up some morning-after pancakes. She's got an extra spring in her step, and I think that everyone from your great-aunt Myrtle to your mom knows why. Ever the Captain Obvious, Christian points out what we're all thinking: "You're energetic this morning." Oh, Fifty, you and your coyness.  "You hungry?" Anastasia Steele, game-master, fires back.  "Very," says the lascivious Mr. Grey.  THE SUBTEXT, YOU GUYS. Can this movie stop teasing us and come out already? (Today)

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