What To Watch On iTunes This February

We love Netflix, but sometimes the selection feels limited. Also, you want to see something new, and it's unclear when it might show up on the streaming service. That's where iTunes comes in handy. Many TV shows and movies are being added to iTunes every day, so it's not likely you'll blow through them quickly.
Plus, it's February, and you know what that means: short days, long nights, and lots of time spent avoiding social obligations. Why not make the most of that time by feeding your brain with amazing (and maybe not-so-amazing) media? Catch up on old shows. Find new ones. Rent some movies before they hit DVD or Blu-ray (and in some cases even the theater), because physical media is for suckers and people who have spacious homes.
This list has it all — from Oscar nominees to must-see TV shows. There are zombies and lawyers and hot Scots and more. You can thank us when spring comes.

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