Katy Perry Photobombed By Creepy Smiling Wave

Photo: Via Reddit.

Guys. We were so caught up in Missy Elliott's comeback and Katy Perry's enormous robo-cat that we almost missed the biggest moment of the Super Bowl halftime show. 

Thank goodness for Redditor, er, SirBigBallz, for drawing everyone's attention to this not-creepy-at-all screenshot from last night's performance. There's Katy Perry...and there's a blue dude lurking behind her. There's a probably very well-meaning but unavoidably terrifying grin. Get him, Left Shark! Get him! 

While you've got to give the guy credit for making the most out of a gig that involves looking like a Smurf and moving fake waves, it's also hard to not get serious Tobias Fünke vibes from the whole situation. Part of us hopes he was gifted with a giant tub of cold cream and an invite to the after-party. The other part wonders if the blue hoodie wasn't just some sort of sinister costume to sneak onstage. Stay vigilant. 

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