This Interview With Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Is 50 Shades Of Awkward

Photo: Steven Pan/Glamour.
Rumors have been swirling for months about the off-screen relationship between the two stars of the most hatedly anticipated film of our time, Fifty Shades of Grey. According to body language experts, and anyone with eyes who wants to write a photo essay for a website, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson dislike each other. Immensely.  "Does it matter, though?" my colleagues and I would ask each other in furtive G-chats every time a piece about Dornan and Johnson's disinterested interviews emerged. After all, these are professional actors. Who cares how they feel about each other off-screen? As long as they can turn up the chemistry during the film's sexy scenes, does it matter if they'd never meet for drinks at the pub? We all have coworkers we don't really care to see outside of the office. We don't have to pretend to be madly in love with said coworkers when we see them at work, but you get the point. As we reach the peak publicity saturation point before the film comes out in February, though, we're officially starting to worry. Not because we're extremely invested in the film adaptation of a fairly mundane erotic book, but because with each interview we read and watch, we become more convinced that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just aren't on the same page about anything. At all. And, as empathetic human beings, we feel for anyone who's forced to hang out with someone they don't want to. Take this newly released cover story for Glamour and its accompanying behind-the-scenes video in which fans ask the actors questions (from an iPad, which also adds to the awkwardness). They look pained about being forced to interact. Dornan's answers are cheeky, and he doesn't take the whole Q&A all that seriously. Johnson, on the other hand, doesn't quite get into the "these questions are ridiculous, so let's just have fun" vibe. If these were two people on a blind date, we wouldn't expect there to ever be a second one.  Maybe they're just tired of the incessant publicity they've had to do for the film, but as two people who pretend for a living, shouldn't these two be able to fake it just a little longer? At this point, we'd rather watch an interview with Jamie Dornan and Marcel, the monkey from Friends who is apparently super kinky. Maybe he should've been in Fifty Shades of Grey. (Glamour)

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