Ryan Gosling Crashed Russell Crowe's Award Show Speech

Hey girl, you've probably been wondering what our boyfriend Ryan Gosling has been up to these days. In October, he finally surfaced on the set of his current film, The Nice Guys, for the first time since welcoming baby Esmaralda in September. Beyond that, we haven't seen or heard much about our man. To be honest, we were starting to worry about him. You probably were, too.

Anxiety begone! RyGos finally showed his handsome mug (albeit with some questionable facial topiary) and managed to pitch a new Punked-style reality show concept while doing so. He didn't even realize that second part. Ryan Gosling just does what his divine inner light compels him, and the world crafts his wit and witticisms into gold. It's like alchemy — but not a complete bunch of bollocks. 

Gosling's Nice Guys costar, Russell Crowe, was being patched in to present the award for best actor at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. Realizing that Crowe would do an extremely perfunctory job if left to his own volition, the producers decided to let Gosling crash Crowe's presentation. The result was nothing short of amazing, and may very well spark an international incident between the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

We also wouldn't be surprised if MTV greenlights a show called Award Show Crashers sometime in the near future. Surely just writing that made Ashton Kutcher's spidey senses tingle. 


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