The New Insurgent Trailer Is Out Of This World, Literally

Shailene Woodley has had it. She can't even handle Kate Winslet's character anymore, and in the new Insurgent trailer, Tris makes Jeanine explode into a million little bits. Her aggression doesn't stop there, either. Woodley takes the whole dystopian city down with her.  Of course, this is all a dream. Woodley's Tris is a strong girl and has got enough spunk to fight the power, but dematerializing humans takes more than anger.  Whatever's going on in this new trailer, which is set to run during this Sunday's Super Bowl, is working. While the other spots have treaded the curiously obscure line, this one for the second movie in the Divergent series is just spectacularly arresting. The special effects of the crumbling world are phenomenal. Plus, the whole "She is the one" text takes the drama level and amps it up to the nth degree.  Check it out below before the movie comes crashing down into theaters March 20, 2015.

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