How Many Pop Stars Can You Name In This MTV #TBT?

I graduated from college in 2001. In addition to my classes, I held down a job and an internship and still managed to watch every single episode of MTV's TRL (a.k.a. Total Request Live, which is what nobody called it) every single day. I had a boyfriend who reminded me of Justin Timberlake. My roommate had a thing for Fred Durst. Everyone in my home state of Texas bragged about seeing Destiny's Child, like, five years ago. I practiced Britney's dance moves and lip-synced to Mariah. My sister got red Christina Aguilera streaks in her hair. When "I Want It That Way" played at the restaurant where I worked, everyone sang along. Kevin from Real World: Back To New York sat next to me at graduation.  The show didn't officially go off the air until 2008, but graduation essentially marked the end of my personal TRL journey. I had to get a real job in the real real world and my music needs were delegated to Napster. 

Now, it's 2015 and I'm looking at a #TBT photo posted by The Huffington Post. It's a TRL photoshoot
— helmed, of course, by Carson Daly, who used to wear black nail polish (but only on certain fingers)
— and it dates back to 2000. It looks so special because every major pop and rock star of the time is in the photo, but TRL was the type of show where it felt like this kind of gathering could happen just about any day. 

You've got Lenny Kravitz, Limp Bizkit, Puffy, Tyrese Gibson, Jennifer Lopez, *NSYNC, Goo Goo Dolls, and Christina Aguilera. I want to say the guy behind J. Lo is Everlast, but it's hard to tell and I need glasses now but I don't wear them because they make me feel old. Old enough to remember a day when Beyoncé
of all people could be squeezed out of the frame to make room for Britney Spears. It was a different time, children.

But, really, where the hell are Marshall and Mariah? 

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