Taylor Swift Responds To Twitter Hack

UPDATE: Leave it to Taylor Swift to be the most positive, upbeat person about her Twitter hack. The singer shared in a series of tweets that it was her friend Hayley from Paramore who first alerted her to the attack. She also cleverly riffed on a line from "Shake It Off" and warned her followers that there aren't any nudes for her hackers to leak. So, there's that.

1:00 p.m.
— does anyone know how to reach Taylor Swift over in Maui? Poor girl's Twitter account has been hacked and we're pretty sure she's going to want to sort it out.

Today each of the pop star's 51.4 million followers received a pair of un-Swift-like tweets that suggested a hack attack. Either that, or she'd been letting her spelling standards slip. The posts have since been deleted, but we managed to grab a screenshot first. Purely in the interest of journalism, of course.
Photo: Via Twitter.

In case you were wondering, that Bill Murray tweet is actually legit. (Unless it's not, and it's Murray himself who is wreaking havoc on the Internet.) More likely, though, the culprit is just some creepster with poor grammar, a love of emojis, and a keen sense of what Tay's password might be. Our best guesses are immaletyoufinishbutIMTHEGREATESTOFALLTIME, 
meredithgreycuddles, spotifysux, 
blankspace19eighty9, and taylorlenalordehaimbff4ever. Better change it, babe. 

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