This Is What Disney-Princess Hair Looks Like IRL

Disney Princesses are trending big-time. Emma Watson just announced that she's going to be starring in the latest installment of Beauty and the Beast, and a new live-action version of Cinderella is coming out later this year. As much as we love Ariel, Belle, and the gang, we're also frustrated with them. You see, our nine-year-old selves believed that their full, voluminous, styled-by-friendly-forest-creatures hair was something we, too, could attain if we just tried hard and sang sweetly enough. Only after years of curling-iron damage and frustration from trying to nail those poufy side-bangs, did we realize that no, Disney-Princess hair is not in the cards for real-life humans. That's the last time we ask a robin for styling advice or try to comb with a fork, that's for sure.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney; Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed.
It looks like we're not the only ones fed up with these off-base depictions. BuzzFeed illustrator Loryn Brantz recently recreated what Disney Princesses would look like if their hair had to withstand real-life problems, like the elements. Our favorites have to be Pocahontas' wind-blown strands while she belts out "Colors of the Wind" or the all too relatable recreation of Belle getting her hair stuck in her lip gloss. Brantz even made sure to give Jasmine's insanely unrealistic volume (and Aladdin's bangs) a reality check.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney; Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed.
At last, we can say, "Disney Princesses — they're just like us!" Head over to BuzzFeed to check out the rest of 'em, from Mulan to Elsa. Next up, we'd love to see Rapunzel. There's no way a girl with hair that long has no split ends. Also, we're pretty sure Sleeping Beauty wouldn't wake up so polished-looking IRL. (BuzzFeed)

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