The Best Moments From The SAG Awards

Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
The Screen Actors Guild Awards tend to be a much lower-key affair than their swankier cousins the Oscars and the Golden Globes. Since there's no official host, the show kicks off with select SAG members delivering solemn monologues that start with, "I'm [insert name here], and I'm an actor." It would be easy to confuse the event for a black-tie A.A. meeting if not for the awarding of trophies — "the actor," as the SAG hardware is called — that takes place immediately afterward in rapid-fire succession.

It's also one of the only award shows that runs short on time. The final award of the night was handed out around 9:50, leaving the cast of Birdman onstage, vamping to fill time until the credits could roll at 10. It turns out that the play-off music that's a hallmark of the Oscars and Globes is a good thing. Give an actor a microphone and no time limit, and things get sort of awkward.

Still, the SAGs are still an award show, meaning there were still some great moments. Here, the highlight reel from the final major stop in the run up to the biggie (the Academy Awards) in February.

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