Instagrams From Sundance: Celebrities In Their Least Natural Habitat

For those of us looking on from home, the Sundance Film Festival is a confusing phenomenon. It's supposed to be all about independent film, but there are tons of celebrities there and big concerts. It's a ski resort, but no one is skiing. And celebrities are there in their most casual clothing, so they look like the rest of us on a really cold day, except then we find out that they acquired all their winter gear at some sponsored gifting suite.

Once upon a time, all we really knew about it we learned from that one Entourage episode where Drama and Turtle had to share a bed. Now, we have the benefit of social media, through which these high-profile Sundance attendees are sharing their experiences. Theirs is a tale of endless enthusiasm and absolutely no cold-weather runny noses.

Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham both spoke on a panel called The Power of Story: Serious Ladies (along with Kristen Wiig and Jenji Kohan). Mindy used this opportunity to dress like an exotic creature accidentally caught in the wilds of Utah. 


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Lena, meanwhile, who was also there as the producer of the short documentary, I'm Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise, took a moment to reminisce about her first time at the festival. Even as a newbie, she was in with the cool kids.

Jane the Virgin star and onetime Sundance "It" Girl Gina Rodriguez was enviably adorable in her fur hood. 

What up Park City?!#sundance2015 we meet again...

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Hailee Steinfeld's enthusiasm for everything on social media is always infectious. All she has to do is pose with her Ten Thousand Saints co-star Emile Hirsch and we're sold. 

And now back to Adrian Grenier, initial creator of our Sundance fantasies. He's back, except now he's there to save the whales. Aw, celebrities. They grow up so fast!       

I love my team. #RecklessProductions 4 life

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