Blake Shelton's Bachelor Spoof Is Better Than The Real Thing

For as long as there is a Bachelor on the air to entertain us with its warped views of romance, we hope there will be satires like last night's "Farm Hunk" sketch, starring Blake Shelton, on Saturday Night Live.

"There are so many beautiful women here, but tonight I have to send one of them home. Probably the two black girls, plus one of the curly-haired ones," Blake says as Ryan Coles, an Iowa farmer. Then the entire female cast proceeds to get some one-on-one time with him and his fancy bolo tie. 

Every hilarious Bachelor contestant trope is on display here, from the ladies' seemingly sweet careers that we assume are all covers for their porn careers ("I'm a second grade teacher in my pornos, and in real life I'm a third grade teacher"), to the fragile pretense that any of these fame-seekers would actually want to settle down in his "stinky" Iowa hometown. 

"If I pick you, you'd have to move to Iowa," Shelton asks potential rose-recipient Sasheer Zamata. "Would you be cool with never seeing another black person again?"

Aidy Bryant nails the girl who ruins romantic moments with her emotional baggage, while Leslie Jones steps in as herself for the punchline.

The whole episode played to country star/Voice coach's strengths, giving him likably country characters and one absurd music video. "Wishin' Boot" music video, also starring Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, made us wish more country music would be written by the SNL staff.      


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