Devon Sawa Just Ruined His ’90s Glory With This Tweet

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Devon Sawa's been in plenty of major movies — like Final Destination, Now & Then, and Casper — but he's most famous for being '90s hot. At its most basic definition, '90s hot means you were in publications like Tiger Beat, either an actor or member of a boy band, and your likeness hung above the beds of any tweenage girl in the U.S. It's a select label, saved for the likes of JTT, Andrew Keegan, and sometimes Will Smith. When you're of the '90s hot category, it doesn't really matter what you do with your life in 2015, because your supporters can just say, "Yeah, but he was IT in the '90s." No one can take that from you. Until now. Today, Sawa tweeted something questionable about women. Here's how it began. He was wondering about the #Deflategate scandal currently tarnishing the New England Patriots. He's Canadian and seemingly unfamiliar with what's going on. So, he asked his followers to help him out.
Fine so far. Except, what is this?
Ugh, Sawa you're KILLING me, here. How can I defend you now? When shamed by a follower, Sawa was all, "I'm joking relaxxxxxxx." 
The problem is that Sawa was already a hard sell. Sure, he was a regulation hottie in 1997, but he smoked cigarettes, for crying out loud. He was the bad boy. If he was joking, it's a weird joke to make; if he wasn't, it's a bad look. Either way, his '90s hotness is ruined by the rude awakening that he's now a grown-up with a sense of humor that's questionable at best. 

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