Lauren Graham Was As Sad About Gilmore Girls Ending As We Were

Ever since Netflix added Gilmore Girls to its streaming selections, you can't go anywhere without hearing about those quippy fast food junkies and their hamlet of Stars Hollow. Not that we're complaining! As it turns out, Lauren Graham was just as bummed out — and surprised — at the show's end as viewers were.

Graham was on Late Night to discuss the finale of her show Parenthood, which will probably (read: definitely) give everyone ugly cry face in a major way on January 29. As we all know too well,Gilmore Girls met a rather sudden end, which came as a surprise even to its mama bear, Lorelai. 

Graham told Seth Meyers, "We shot the last episode and we had no idea. There was some back and forth of what was gonna happen." She added that she found out about the cancellation from her agent, who called her while she was out at a restaurant.

"It's better to be able to say goodbye," she said. Frankly, we prefer "see you later." [Us Weekly]


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