Rihanna May Or May Not Have Made A Song With Florence Welch

Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron; REX USA/PJB.
The hype surrounding Rihanna's eighth studio album has almost reached its peak. Either she drops that album or we pull the Rihanna-cried-wolf card. At this point, though, any information about the mysterious LP is fair game — like this "leaked" track confirmation claiming Rihanna's somehow working with Florence Welch.  According the screenshot below, RiRi has a song with Florence + the Machine called "A Night." Is she covering Welch's song "Only If For A Night," a 2011 track off Ceremonials? Or, is she sampling a bit of Welch's vocals?  There are so many ways this scenario can play out, and all end with a collective fainting spell from both fanbases because, well, who could've predicted these two pop powerhouses would ever think of joining forces. To quote Rihanna herself: "What is life? Is there any?" I guess we'll know when — no, if this album ever comes out. (Popjustice

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