All The Movies Leaving Netflix On February 1

Netflix has really been toying with our already-fragile emotions this month. What with the giant January 1 purge and then the back and forth over our favorite BBC shows. Well, get your SAD lamp ready because Netflix is about to dump some more stuff February 1.
The BBC shows that will be yanked in February are Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, MI-5, and Red Dwarf, which will make a lot of high school ex-boyfriends very sad indeed. It's also a little baffling Netflix is dumping Batman Returns, arguably the best Batman movie ever (let's fight about it in the comments), just as Michael Keaton is rocking the Oscar world with his performance as a washed-up action star in Birdman. Luckily, man bun expert Cary Fukunaga's 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre isn't getting axed, though.
Oh well. The way we see it is you've two options: queue it up, kick back and consume as many of these titles as possible or let the moment pass you by. A whole new Netflix order is coming February 1st, anyway.

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