This Couple Has The Cutest “How We Met” Story

Love stories in the digital age often lack a certain luster. Sure, using technology to meet new people is great, but "We found each other on Instagram" or "We both swiped right on Tinder!" just don't sound as dreamy as, say, meeting your S.O. when you two were the flower girl and the ring-bearer at a wedding, as farfetched as that sounds.
But, wait, that actually happened in real life.
Brittney Husbyn and Briggs Fussy are the kind of couple that was meant to be. Twenty years ago, the pair walked down the aisle — and looked absolutely adorable — as the flower girl and ring-bearer at the ceremony of Husbyn's godmother. The kids didn't remember their meet-cute until years later, when they enrolled in the same government class. Husbyn, thinking that the boy sitting in front of her looked a little familiar, showed him an old photo she had from the nuptials. Well, the rest is history.
Click on the video to cure yourself of any jaded notions you may still be harboring about love, and stay tuned for the rom-com adaptation that will most certainly happen one day.

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