The TV Shows You Need To Watch Starting Now

It's winter, and it's cold. Who wants to venture outside? No one, that's who. Luckily, there's a fresh slate of midseason TV premieres perfect to stock your DVR with for those long stretches on the couch. In addition to returning favorites like Broad City and Parks and Recreation, there are exciting new shows in every genre.
Even if medieval musical spoofs are your thing, there's one of those just waiting to take you on a hero's journey. It really is a TV-watchers paradise out there, which is great because again, the weather outside is the exact opposite of paradise.
There's never enough time to watch everything that's out there, so this comprehensive guide will help you choose the shows best suited to your personal taste. Whether it's a murder mystery set in the Arctic Circle or a Colbert Report replacement, you're sure to find something to watch 'til you're ready to emerge again come spring.

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