The Most Popular Cat Name In America Is…

We're forever puzzled by baby-name trends. Thanks to creative celebrities, geographic monikers and food-inspired names are all the rage these days. However, the naming crazes aren't confined just to humans. What we call our purry friends is just as susceptible to surges in popularity.
According to an infographic created by Vocativ, Bella is currently the most common cat name in America, beating out other top contenders like Lily and Lucy in a whopping 15 states. Some regions are more original than others. (Props to the people of New Mexico for their tribute to The Lion King.) A search for "Bella the cat" on Instagram shows just how many felines are christened with this pet name du jour. They're a pretty bunch — after all, the word means "beautiful" in Italian — who come in all breeds and colors. From Siamese to tuxedos, click ahead for the 15 cutest Bellas we found.

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