Actress Leaves Hollywood To Become Secret Rapping Superhero

Abbie Cornish has been working steadily as an actress for years now. Originally from Australia, she's appeared in major motion pictures all over the world. You might have caught her in Bright Star or Robocop. Now, Cornish is leaving acting behind to pursue a most unexpected venture: going on tour with Nas.
Cornish announced the news on Instagram, where she goes by her hip-hop name, Dusk. "Can't wait to go on tour with @nasnyc in January in Australia. Hope to see ya'll there xx," she captioned the photo. Cornish has also been sharing the many articles expressing surprise over her career change on Dusk's official Facebook page.
While it comes as a surprise to many of us, Cornish has apparently been moonlighting as an MC for years now. "Growing up outside Newcastle, she was already using the name MC Dusk and involved in graffiti art with friends, some of whom she later collaborated with on stage," The Sydney Morning Herald reports. She's also been working on an EP called Key of the Sun for over a year now.
Cornish will be a supporting act on the Australian leg of Nas' Illmatic tour from January 20 to 29. Her future tour-mate may have once proclaimed that "Hip-hop is dead," but she's still going for it. You do you, Abbie Cornish.

Can't wait to go on tour with @nasnyc in January in Australia. Hope to see ya'll there xx

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