You Can Now Stream Tracy Anderson's Fitness Classes From Home

Tiny, blonde powerhouse Tracy Anderson has amassed a devoted following of clients. Regular folks and A-listers alike flock her four studios on the east and west coasts. Now, the rest of the country can get in on the action: The celebrity trainer has started streaming real-time videos of her workout classes. If you purchase a six-month subscription, you can access a new, one-hour class each Wednesday — and take it in your living room (or bedroom / garage / on your front lawn). If you're tired of stale home-workout videos, virtually taking a real class could be the refresh you need. Watch the clip above for an idea of what the videos are like. Then, click through to Tracy Anderson's website for more info. And, while you're on a Tracy kick, check out her five essential mat moves, right here on Refinery29. Did we mention she's a badass?

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