Jonah Hill & James Franco Get Serious In The True Story Trailer

If you're still bummed that you won't be able to get your James Franco fix from The Interview, fear not, because Christmas has come early.
The first trailer for True Story just hit, and while the film also centers around an interview, Franco's character is a far cry from a dimwitted TV journalist. He stars as Christian Longo, a man suspected of murdering his family. Things get twisted when he assumes the identity of the disgraced New York Times reporter Michael Finkel, played by Jonah Hill. It's up to Hill's character to uncover who, what, when, where, and why.
Both actors have dipped their toes in the drama pool before, but it's still startling to watch them play it straight. Hill, who won acclaim (and Oscar nods) playing sidekicks to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio takes center stage here. Whether or not audiences will buy him as the real-life journalist remains to be seen.
As the title suggests, the indie drama is based on actual events. It premieres at next month's Sundance Film Festival. For those of you not making the trip to Park City, you're in luck: True Story is slated for a limited release on April 10 of next year.
Watch the trailer below.