10 Films To Watch While Traveling

There's an art to choosing the right film to watch while you're traveling. Tearjerkers and hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedies are out — you don't want to be that weird person guffawing/weeping in 27B. Anything X-rated will either creep out the person next to you or have them peering over your shoulder the entire flight. With all due respect to Liam Neeson, he's also a no-go. The last thing you need to be thinking about is a hijacked plane, being kidnapped by human traffickers, or losing your memory the second you reach your destination.
What does that leave? A lot, surprisingly. In keeping with the travel theme, we've selected 10 films that will appeal to your wanderlust spirit (you're just popping to Des Moines to check in on Aunt Ruth, but still). Each of them will inspire you to hit the open road — and each can easily be rented and streamed right onto your tablet.

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