Chris Hemsworth Never Approved Of Liam’s Relationships

Photo: Courtesy of GQ.
Add "being a big brother" to the list of things Chris Hemsworth is very good at. In a new interview with GQ, the Aussie actor admitted that he disapproved of his little brother Liam's past decisions.
"I've watched Liam do things I did at his age, like being in relationships he shouldn't be in, or being reckless just to prove a point," Chris told the magazine. "I had no empathy. My mom had to remind me I was the same way."
While he doesn't name names, it's safe to assume Chris is referring to his brother's infamous engagement to Miley Cyrus. The couple were barely out of their teens when they announced their plans to wed, only to call it off a year later. It's easy to see why Chris — who's married with kids — might have been so disapproving.
But, what are older siblings for if not to put you back in line and help you learn from your mistakes? After all, his older brother Luke Hemsworth helped Chris become the man he is today with a dose of tough love.
"Back when I was still on the soap, I became incredibly insecure and full of anxiety because I didn't know if I was any good," Chris recalled about his time on Australia's Home and Away. "Yet I wanted it so bad. I spent years being angsty, constantly telling people I wasn't just part of a soap opera, that I was a real artist. I remember Luke sort of snapping, telling me to shut up, that he was sick of hearing it."
It's official: The Hemsworth brothers are the best brothers. (GQ)

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